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Our website will tell you a little bit about us, and help you find us at local, KY, Farmers' markets. To find out the latest news, visit, and "LIKE" our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BlueMoonGarlic  We seem to be using it for updates more frequently than this website, so for the latest, please go there! 

Can't find what you are looking for? Email us at:  garlic@bluemoongarlic.com
BLUE MOON FARM 3584 Poosey Ridge Road, Richmond KY 40475 

Blue Moon Farm is a small, family owned farm, dedicated to bringing you the highest quality sustainably grown garlic and other produce. Our products are only available by mail order or at a few select farmers’ markets locally (Kentucky).   See "Where Can You Find Us?"  below.

We are known for growing some of the best garlic in Kentucky (and a lot of other places!), but we also grow lots of other produce for our farmers’ markets.  In the spring and fall there are greens - our Spring Mix is a beautiful blend of lettuces, baby kale, baby spinach, arugula and pea tendrils, sometimes with blooms.  It is a best seller at market!  We also do straight spinach, kale, and lettuce for those who prefer to mix their own.  Our Baby Squash Medley is locally famous.  It is a beautiful mix of tiny baby summer squash, picked with the blooms on whenever we can.  It is a labor intensive product (as many of our offerings seem to be!), but we strive for something a little different for our market table.  We grow lots of varieties of peppers, both hot and not, more than a couple of eggplant varieties, and other varied vegetables.  Each year is different, some crops are successful, and some not so much!

Our garlic season begins in the spring with Baby Green Garlic, and mid-April we have Garlic Scapes (the flower stems of hardneck garlics).  We sell them fresh, and also make a delicious Garlic Scape Pesto for sale frozen, year ‘round.  We make our own “Knock-Your-Socks-Off” Garlic Powder from a few varieties of our crop.  Some of it gets smoked.  In mid-summer we begin braiding garlic, and shipping fresh bulbs and braids mail order.  We have a selection of Garlic Braids at the market each week, and can make custom braids or garlands special order. PLEASE NOTE- for 2017 EVERYTHING is extremely limited, and we will sell NO planting garlic!

 We are here every Saturday of the month 7am til 2pm or later, beginning the first weekend of April. You can find us at Cheapside Park, which runs between Main St. and Short St., just west of the old courthouse. The market will also extend down Short St. (which is closed to traffic for the market) and Upper St.  Specifically, Blue Moon Farm is now located in front of Dudley's On Short St.  until the end of October. Please see the official Lexington Farmers' Market Website for more information and parking options.   Some of the market vendors will continue on at Cheapside year 'round.

You can find Blue Moon Farm on Sundays, beginning the first weekend of April, from 10AM-2PM on Southland Drive in front of Goodyear and Sav-A-Lot.
We carry all the products you get from us on Saturdays.  Please note that the hours for this market are strict! We are not allowed to sell before 10AM!!  Drop us an email if you don't know how to find us there. garlic@bluemoongarlic.com