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Our 2017garlic harvest was pretty sad compared to the GREAT harvest of last year, thanks to NO cooperation from Mother Nature!  The winter was way too warm, and the spring too wet, so, I'm sorry to say we are not offering any mail orders this year, OR garlic for planting purposes.  If you are local to our markets (Lexington, KY and surrounding area), we WILL have garlic at market through October, and can fill special orders to be picked up there.    $18 per pound .  Maximum order 3 lbs. per variety when available.

MUSIC -  Hardneck- A Porcelain garlic pioneered by Canadian Al Music.  Good strong flavor, 5-8 big cloves per bulb.  An excellent roaster!  A favorite of our market customers, and many Lexington chefs!

SIBERIAN - Hardneck- Actually a misnomer, this Porcelain garlic is originally from Ukraine.  This strong, spicy Slavic treasure has  4-7 large cloves and is a good storage garlic. 

LORZ ITALIAN- Softneck- An Artichoke variety.  Large bulbs, 10-12 cloves per bulb, strong flavor.

CALIFORNIA EARLY- Softneck- This long-storing, mild, sweet and nutty flavored garlic sports 10-20 fat cloves and is a favorite of ours, pressed raw into a salad.

INCHELIUM- Softneck- Large heads, up to 20 fat cloves.  Gentle yet firm flavor, Good storage.  Originally discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State.

CHESNOK RED- Hardneck- A Purple Stripe Variety from Soviet Georgia.  9-10 cloves per bulb.  Good aroma and lingering flavor.  Good for roasting.

RUSSIAN RED ROCAMBOLE- Hardneck- A delicious rocambole, brought by immigrants from Russia in the early 1900's.  Strong flavored, with a warm, sweet aftertaste.  The wrappers are dark, the cloves a beautiful white.  Easy peel.

GERMAN WHITE-  Hardneck-  A porcelain variety.  SMALL this year.  Imported about 25 years ago by NY Grower Dave Piedmonte.  Potent, but not hot flavor when eaten raw.

Shipping: N/A for this year! Usually $9 for the first pound, plus $2 for each additional pound you order.

please email us (garlic@bluemoongarlic.com), let us know what you'd like to order, or talk to us at market!  .